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We believe that you landed here for a reason. You might be overwhelmed, excited, and eager to get into the tabletop gaming community.


We help navigate the hobby. What games will fit your needs and wants? We answer the how-to's of the tabletop community.

Tools of the Trade

We have many tips tricks and tools to help you navigate all the "stuff" that you need to have an enjoyable experience. We test it so you don't have to.


Let us teach you how to play. We do offer tips to be competitive, but we are more about kicking back and having a good time.


Who we are

MBG started out of frustration getting back into the hobby after being away for many years.


Adam started playing tabletop like most of us back in High School. He has since come back and started a commission painting studio. Now he enjoys helping others get into the hobby. He has a plastic addiction.



Andy started playing 40k back in 2000. He enjoys the fluff almost more than playing the game. If there is anything that you need to know about story line, just ask him. He loves kicking back and enjoying time at the tabletop.


Get insider information, in our heads and in the studio.

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