I recently completed a repaint commission and I wanted to share with you the story behind this unique miniature. When you have any commission work done it isn’t just a paint job or a work of art. It really truly is an investment. An investment in your games, your collections, and increases the resale value of you miniatures in almost all cases. Now on to the story of this miniature. This story was sent to me by the owner, Terry.

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“Adam, the mini I had repainted is Reaper #03417 “Cobb Blackbadger, dwarf miner” from the Dark Heaven Legends series.  He’d been hastily painted “on the fly” during a gaming session a while back, as I was getting hassled for gaming with an unpainted mini.  I was never really happy with the paint job, and Mark had referred me to your site.  I love what you’ve done with the mini, it’s a much better job than I could have done myself!  His character backstory is below.  Thanks!

Bram Stonebottom (dwarf fighter)

Duty and service…it would be these twin virtues that would drive the Stonebottom clan as well as compel Bram Stonebottom to take up sword against the returning goblin horde.

The Stonebottom zeal for working the pick and hammer long ago led them to brighten the mines through whistle and song.  In the olden days there were seven, refugees of the ancient goblin wars, that had settled in the enchanted forest and sought to rebuild.  It was these seven Stonebottom dwarves that would develop the tunes and songs that would become the libretto by which the miners of more recent history orchestrated their percussive work.

Reports of nearby destruction did nothing to turn the Stonebottoms from their duty in the mine.  It was their ore and minerals the clan used to forge the brilliant weapons and fortifications that had protected them since the ancient times.  It was, however, their fervor for that duty that would be the miner’s undoing.  As their once-ancient foes, the goblins, returned to attack the mine-stronghold, and its exterior defenses fell, the miners inside remained oblivious.

While Bram’s shift drew to a close and his song transitioned to a cheerfully whistled tune, he noticed the shift everyone expected to relieve them never came.  As underforeman, it would be his duty to investigate the delay and file a report.  Upon nearing the mine exit, he could see the destruction of the invasion.  In his grief, Bram ripped the door from the nearby mineshaft, and used it as a makeshift barrier to storm his way out into the corridor ahead.  The sight of the destruction unleashed a frenzy that threw Bram into a torrent of slashes with his sword and bludgeoning bashes from his makeshift door-shield.  By nightfall on the second day, the small band of remaining dwarves had gathered what remained of the goblin corpses to be disposed of in the great bonfire at the city’s gates.

At one time he’d been as happy a dwarf as ever was, but now Bram Stonebottom arms himself with those twin virtues of duty and service.  There was a time he’d served in the mines, as had many before him, cheerfully singing along while working the stone and ore that would build their dwarven society; but that was simply a memory now, of a sweeter time, in which youth and innocence have become fuel for what lies ahead.  It’s been almost five seasons since the goblins brought ruin upon his clan, but Bram toils tirelessly to return their destructive favors, his cursed song heralding ruin upon the remaining goblin hordes.  “Hi ho, hi ho…””

If you are interested in getting a miniature repainted please contact us for more information.

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