Mini Battlefield Games Podcast – Episode 11 – Blood Angels Codex Follow up

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Project Updates
Andy – Still have $18 to find a troupe.
Adam – Working on painting budget army primaris marines. Also completed some work on Shadespire Blood Reavers.

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Show Notes

Okay, so now that we have had time to get some games in with the Blood Angels using their codex under our belt, we wanted to make a follow up podcast to talk about the specific units in the codex.  We won’t detail every single unit but we wanted to hit on a few of the things that we like or don’t like about some of the units and cover a few of the things that did or didn’t work for our playstyle.  Also, if you’re new to Blood Angels, we’ll point out a few units that we think you should include in your army along the way.  In this episode, we’ll cover the HQ and Troop choices and in next week’s episode, we’ll cover the Elite, Fast Attack, Heavy, and Fliers.

  • HQ
    • Overall, pretty decent named characters.  Only ones that seem kind of lackluster are Gabriel Seth and Tycho.  Both just seem kind of meh out of the bunch.
    • Dante, The Sanguinor, and Mephiston are all pretty solid choices.
    • Dante – is what you’d expect from a chapter master.  Can be a one man wrecking crew and with his Axe Mortalis can be a great character killer
    • The Sanguinor – still solid and the +1 attack bubble is nice.
    • Mephiston – is the mini-monstrous creature you’ve known from previous editions.  S5 (with his X2 sword) T5 and W5 with a 5+ FnP makes him killy and survivable as well.
    • Stars here for me at least seem to be Brother Corbulo and Lemartes
    • Brother Corbulo – his point cost (94pts or 5pl) is nice, the rerolls that he makes from his far-seeing eye, and the 6 inch bubble of extra attacks he generates on 6’s.  Only bad thing I can say about him is he doesn’t have a jump pack but he is still probably one of the better cheaper HQ options
    • Lemartes – 129pts or 7pl with a jump pack.  Gives re-roll to failed charges and to hit rolls in the fight sub phase.  Use him with your jump DC to more reliably get that first turn charge off and get them back in to the next combat faster.  Astorath isn’t a bad choice either but the charge re-roll was more useful to me.
    • Librarian – pretty useful choice and seem to reliably make their points back. Librarian dread is also a solid choice – wings making him more mobile and a fairly durable HQ choice.
  • Troops
    • Tactical squad – pretty standard here.  I’m still on the fence about how well I like the flamer mechanics in 8th ed.  Drop pods just seem too pricey for me but min squads in razorbacks are decently survivable and killy.  Red thirst is a decent surprise if they’re out in the open but is better suited for CC specialized units.
    • Scout squad – I like scouts.  They’re cheap, decently durable in cover, can cap objectives, and can help pass along the occasional mortal wounds to targets with tough invulnerable saves.
    • Intercessor squads – the 2 wounds and extra attack give these guys decent staying power.  Red Thirst also helps make them much better in CC.  The lack of mobility part is my main drawback with them.  Not fitting in a razorback and coupled with the point cost of the Repulsor, they’re  just too expensive point wise for me.  Like I’ve said before, I’m not really a fan of too many of the newer marine models so that doesn’t really help their cause with me either.

Where to start if you wanted to build a Blood Angels army?
I’d recommend starting with the standard 1 HQ and 2 Troop choices to begin with.

  • HQ – librarian
  • Troop – depending on play style, will determine which way you go.  If you’re more in to mech, I’d go 2 tactical squads and 2 razorbacks.  If you’re like me and want to maximize the number of CC troops you can take elsewhere, I’d go 2 scout squads with sniper rifles to free up points elsewhere.
  • Elite – IMO first elite choice and next purchase after the two above should always be at least one squad of Death Company and even going 2 squads is not that bad of an idea.
  • Beyond that, it’s easy to branch out based on your play style – mech vs. jump troops.
  • We’ll talk about the other units in next week’s podcast as well. 


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