Mini Battlefield Games Podcast – Episode 12 – Blood Angels Codex Follow Up Part 2

Now that we have had time to get some more games in with the Blood Angels using their codex under our belt, we wanted to make a follow up podcast to talk about the specific units in the codex.  We won’t detail every single unit but we wanted to hit on a few of the things that we like or don’t like about some of the units and cover a few of the things that did or didn’t work for our playstyle.  Also, if you’re new to Blood Angels, we’ll point out a few units that we think you should include in your army along the way. In this episode, we’ll cover the Elite, Fast Attack, Heavy, and Fliers. In case you missed it, we covered the HQ and Troop choices in Episode 11.


Project Updates
Andy – 
Still making steals, I mean deals for his Harlequins Budget Army Project.
Adam – Base coating highlights

Gear Mentioned
Painting Booth, Prospero Burns (Horus Heresy Book), MD Gaming Table (Non-portable Version), Nemesis (Horus Heresy Book)

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  • Elites
    • Death Company – IMO the unit that really shines in the category.  Great mix of killy and survivability. I prefer to use them with jumpacks but be careful not to make this too expensive with weapon upgrades.
    • Sanguinary Guard – re-roll failed hit rolls for models if they’re with 6” of your warlord.  2 wounds is nice and makes these guys much better than 7th edition. More of a hit and run type unit that you have to pick your targets a little more thoughtful with.  Like the Death Company, they can get expensive if you go crazy with upgrades but these guys work well with the standard encarmine sword and angelus boltgun loadout.
    • Terminators – Assault terminators with TH/SS seem to be the way to go if you need to smack something in the face and have a little more staying power than the SG.  A little more forgiving than SG but also slower after their initial deployment so there is a trade off. The teleport homer can be a nice trick if your opponent forgets about it.  
    • Sanguinary Ancient – take him with the Standard of Sacrifice relic to give him a 6” 5+ FnP bubble and he works well with keeping the SG alive (does not affect models with Black Rage like the DC so keep that in mind)
  • Fast Attack
    • Assault squad – wish they were troops… but still my bread and butter.  Weapon loadout in conjunction with the 8th ed deep strike rules makes it a bit easier to kit these guys out for a specific job.  I like to keep them cheap.
    • Bikes – I stayed away from bikes, mostly for fluff reasons and I prefer assault troops over them.
    • Inceptor squad – I’m starting to like these guys.  Mobile firepower with the ability to cause mortal wounds on the charge.  They can get expensive though.
  • Heavy
    • Vindicator – didn’t seem worth it.  8th ed seems to make them kind of lackluster and missing overchanged engines makes these guys fall behind with my play style
  • Fliers
    • Storm Raven – its not bad but it’s really not good either.  I feel like the points are a little bit too high for what it brings to the table.  
    • Storm Talon – my new go to and I’m glad we finally get one.  In my games, it seems to be adequately priced and usually makes its points back so for me, it’s kind of hit the sweet spot for a flier.
    • Storm Hawk Interceptor – it’s not that it’s bad, but I feel that it’s outclassed by the Storm Talon.  
    • With that being said, I don’t think that a flier is a must include option in a list but you’ll have to find out what works best with your play style.

Questions, comments? Leave them below, we’d like to hear from you.

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