Budget Army Project and Challenge

In this episode we give the details for the Budget Army Project. Feel free to join in the challenge. Rules are posted bellow.


  1. $200 limit – rule books are not included in the cost. We’re going to assume that people will buy the rule books anyways or already have them
  2. Models must be legit GW products (no recasts) or other legit miniature company of suitable scale for bits (ex. Scibor, Kabuki, or Kromlech). We’ll try to keep to mainly GW models but we’ll have a little flexibility here.
  3. Miniature age does not matter – older GW models, even if metal are acceptable.
  4. Purchases must be detailed when made – when, where, and cost included
  5. Purchases must be painted ASAP if possible – including WIP photos/videos if possible
  6. Each person must choose one army to build and haves to stick with them until the project is completed
  7. All armies must be at a minimum 1 HQ, 2 Troops. After that, we’re free to choose whatever we want to add.

When finished, we’ll rate each other based on the following criteria to determine a winner:

  • 30% – Savings – how much did we save vs the full GW retail cost
  • 30% – Points/Power Level – what size army could we build with what we’ve purchased (may leave out most of the individual upgrades so we don’t run afoul with GW – just sticking to standard load-outs if possible but not necessarily a full WYSIWYG army but bonus points for being as close as possible)
  • 40% – Style – how well does the army that we’ve built fit the fluff/playstyle of that army. Basically the idea here is that we’re prevented from intentionally rigging the contest based on buying random items that don’t really fit the army but use them just to maximize discounts/points from the other two categories.

Join the challenge and share your army with the community. http://minibattlefieldgames.com/community


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