Episode 5 – Tips and Tricks for Your Budget Army

One of the biggest hesitations to starting a Warhammer 40k Army is the cost. In this episode we discuss ways to save money and share what we are doing for the budget army challenge. Join us in the challenge at minibattlefieldgames.com/community and use #40kbudgetarmy.

Tips and Tricks

Products that Andy Mentioned
Vallejo RAF Colors Bomber & Training Command 1939-45 Model Paint Kit
A Thousand Sons (The Horus Heresy)
Prospero Burns (The Horus Heresy)
Vallejo Blue Light Ems Vehicle Colors Set

Products that Adam Mentioned
Light Box
Vallejo Game Air Set
Vallejo Ink Set

Project Updates

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Mini Battlefield Games Team Budget Armies

Andy’s Army – Harlequins

Adam’s Army – Space Marines (Iron Hands successor chapter)

Edgar’s Army – Blood Angels

Allan’s Army – Tzeentch Daemons

Thomas’ Army – Death Guard

Ways to save

eBay – Auctions and some sets can be a great deal. Also you can find people getting out of the hobby or selling old or used stuff. Also a great way to find some painted stuff that people are just getting rid of.

Painted/Used – Don’t be shy to get the used stuff. This is an area of skill. Be sure to ask questions. Poorly painted miniatures can be an easy way to save money since they are usually priced really low. Be sure to make sure that you check these things off before pulling the trigger and placing a bid or buying.

  • Load-out – Make sure the miniature is the load out that you want. WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), or that you can easily get the bits you need.
  • Model condition – Is the model in good condition? Ignore the colors and paint, but pay attention to the condition of the plastic/resin/metal. The more paint on the miniature the harder this gets.
  • Consider the extra time – So time is money right? If the miniature is going to take you hours on hours to get ready for the table it might not be worth it to only save a few dollars. Evaluate the time vs the cost savings. Also, you can look the other way. Can you find miniatures that just need touch up paint or are top level painted for a great deal? I have often found miniatures that have great base coats and need just a little work to have them table worthy.

Box Sets – It is really hard to ignore the cost savings of box sets. This is pretty new to GW but worth looking at. Here are some box sets that are always a great deal.

  • Start Collecting Sets
  • Dark Imperium
  • Dark Vengeance
  • Betrayal at Calth
  • Burning of Prospero
  • Sanctus Reach
  • Assault on Black Reach
  • Space Hulk
  • Ultama Box sets
  • Easy to Build sets
  • Formation Box sets

Craigslist/Facebook – Ask around, usually people getting out of the hobby or moving on to new armies. Most of the time people will post for sale here first before going to eBay. The seller automatically saves 10% from eBay selling fees.

Third Party – There are some great third party sites that sale miniatures that can be used in you army. Be sure to check your local store to see what is allowed in tournaments, some don’t allow third party miniatures. Comment below if there are any places that you’d recommend for third party miniatures and bits.

Local store – Local stores often give a bulk discount on GW stuff. If they don’t you at the very least save some on shipping. Just ask and see what they can do for you. While you are in you local stores, be sure to ask other players that you might cross paths with. Ask them if they have anything that you are looking for and negotiate a deal. Andy landed a good deal doing this and you could too.

Community Players – If you are in a gaming community just ask around, there are usually people hanging onto stuff that they just haven’t taken the time to get photos and list to sell. Don’t be shy to negotiate especially if the miniatures are going to require a lot of work for you.

We would love having you join us! Come to the community page and post using #40kbudgetarmy. We hope to see you around.

Share any tips that we left off in the comments below.

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