Mini Battlefield Games Podcast – Episode 9 – Tabletop Wargaming Etiquette

We all have had good and bad experiences at the tabletop. It doesn’t matter if it is with friends or a complete stranger, we want to have a great experience in all our games. We all remember those games that leave you feeling good and excited wanting to play the game again. The etiquette of your opponent can make a bad game good or a good game bad. Today we are going to talk about things we recommend to be the guy or girl that makes the exper


ience a good one. We are going to cover tabletop wargaming etiquette.

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#40kBudgetArmy updates
Andy is still working to pick up his last troupe squad for his Harliquin Army, Adam is in the building process for his MBG Iron Hands successor chapter space marines.

Gear Mentioned
Andy – Base Texture Stamps – Happy Seppuku
Adam – Sta-Wet Pallet, Winsor Newton Series 7 Brushes, Distilled Water, Tamiya Putty

Be there – Remove distractions
This isn’t just simply the fact that you need to be present, but you need to remove distractions. Set down the phone, stop playing with dice and cards, and enjoy the player(s) at the table. We are not saying that your games have to be strict and not laid back. Honestly, those are the games that most people tend to enjoy more. Remember that your opponent has also given up his time, money, and energy to be there too.
Set Expectations
There are all types of different players, so be sure to set expectations before the game starts. Is this a friendly game? Are you testing out a new unit? Are you wanting a truly competitive game? Do you only have 1 hour to play? Are you wanting to learn the game? Are you just looking to hang out and enjoy the game? No one wants to be surprised about what type of game they are getting into.
Don’t be that guy that shows up unprepared. Have everything that you need to play. Tape, Dice, Drinks, snacks, models, and anything else that you might need. Have your lists built or maybe a few choices if you are looking for a pick up game. Be sure that you are able to tell the loadouts for each unit and character.
Offer Help
Help the flow of the whole experience. Help setup and be willing to share resources. (I know there are people that won’t let others touch their dice) But don’t be the jerk that sits around and watches while everyone else does the work. Help setup and teardown. Offer advice or tips.
Be Consistent
This not only applies to the rules or the interpretation of the rules, but how you play through the mechanics. For example, dice rolls. Scatter dice.
Speak the language – body language as well
Be sure that you use the language of you opponent. In our hobby we have a lot of jargon and acronyms. Know your audience.
Don’t be negative and down or off-putting. No one wants to be around the complainer or bragger. Don’t be the jerk see number 8.
Be Patient
Since you are prepared and you set expectations. Be patient. If you have set expectations for a friendly game just relax and enjoy the game. In a more competitive setting this is a little harder. Remember your opponent also wants to win as well.
Treat the area/shop with respect, don’t be a slob. Leave the place better than you left it.
Clean up after yourself
Treat other gamers models/gear as if it was your own
Don’t be degrading or vulgar, know number 6.

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