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Getting Started Airbrush Series

Disclaimer – There are a lot misconceptions out there about airbrushing miniatures. Airbrushing is an art so an artist’s style can play a role in their airbrushing tools. There are many different ways to airbrush depending on the artist’s style. A technique that works for me might not work for you since it isn’t you artistic style. So in this series I am going to hopefully break down some misconceptions and also get to the core of airbrushing. I am not endorsed or paid by any of the products or tools that I reference in this series. Also, I haven’t used every tool out there so there might be something out there that is better or can make life easier. If you know of something leave it in the comments below, I’d love to learn more.

What types of airbrushes are there?

Airbrushes are usually classified by three characteristics.

  1. Action or Trigger Type
  2. Paint Feed System
  3. Mix location

Action or Trigger Type

  1. Single – Single action is simply that. There is only one action that takes place on the airbrush. That action is starting and stopping the airflow. This is usually done by pressing down the trigger on the airbrush. The adjustment of the amount of paint is controlled by adjusting the paint flow to the tip, usually a tightening or loosing. These airbrushes are good for applications in which you might want to apply an even level of paint or uniform color.
  2. Dual – Dual action airbrushes enable the second action, which is adjusting the paint flow with the trigger by pulling it back. The father pack the trigger is pulled the more paint is atomized. With dual action airbrushes you can control the paint flow and adjust the spray on the fly as you are applying paint. These airbrushes do also allow a lot of practice.

Feed system

  1. Gravity Feed – finer atomization
  2. Bottom Feed – siphon
  3. Side Feed – Left hands and allows you to see over the brush

Mix point

  1. Internal mix – finer atomization
  2. External mix – large coverage and cheaper cost

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