Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us at Mini Battlefield Games! We hope that you have an amazing and blessed new year!

We are excited about the new year and looking forward to serving the community and generating content. 2017 has been a long year for me and my family but has allowed me to grow and learn by overcoming difficulties. We have transitioned from a full on painting studio to content development studio along with a painting studio. Allan has been manning the studio allowing me to concentrate on my family and creating videos and starting the podcast.

I wanted to share with you my goals for 2018, some personal and some in part with MBG.

We want to give back to our supporters
We started the monthly give aways, if you haven’t signed up you can do so here. Enter to win free stuff. Just our way of supporting us and helping us help more every day.

Produce content on a regular basis
We are hoping to release a new podcast episode every week, along with a video.

Connect with the community and grow our reach
We recently started a Facebook community that we hope everyone is a part of. We want to keep the conversation going and reach out to the needs that we have in our community.

These are my focuses for this year. I’d like to hear yours? Feel free to share in the comments bellow or on in the community group. I wish you the best in all your 2018 hobby goals.

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