Mini Battlefield Games Podcast – Episode 8 – State of the Hobby

Hello and welcome to Episode 8, in this episode we are going to talk about the state of the hobby. We will cover the health and outlook in the tabletop wargaming miniatures community.

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So here in the US our President just gave a state of the union (Jan. 30th) so we want to give ours. The state of tabletop wargaming.” We want to talk about how we feel the community is fairing and what we are looking forward to. Eventually we will cover the topic of why we wargame but today we want to try to stay focused on the health of the game. We really can’t talk about the health without talking about the most popular games. Warhammer and X-Wing.

Back in Spring of 2017 ICV2 Released the collectible miniature lines. 1. Star Wars X-Wing, 2. Warhammer 40k, 3.  D&D Marvelous Minis, 4. Star Wars Armada, 5. Warmachine. So we are going to talk about the health in each of these areas.

X-Wing and Armada

Read this on a reddit forum “According to Games Workshop they have an average revenue of GBP 500 per player per year and a revenue of 120 million. That gives them 240,000 players not counting the second-hand market.

According to IC24, X-Wing is outselling Warhammer 40K. I am certain the average X-Wing player spends less than the average 40K player, so the number of X-Wing players must be higher.” When you think about it this way it really means that there are so many more players in X-Wing. A big difference and some other things to consider are X-Wing is really just a miniatures tabletop game. There is less hobby in the game. The minis are pre assembled and painted. X-wing has a really good followed but I think it does really taylor to the gaming community, not the hobby community as much. We tend to focus on the hobby wargaming community, but we will talk about x-wing and give it some coverage because it isn’t number 1 for no reason.

We actually started to play X-Wing a bit. The lure was that it was quick to actually start playing. No painting or bulk of rules. 7th edition made it easy to be distracted.

Warhammer 40k

We talk about Warhammer 40k a lot. That is because it really is the most popular in the hobby wargaming community. We see high listens and watches on 40k related content compared to other content. We will cover other games but we reach the most numbers of people talking about Warhammer 40k.

Back in June 2017 we had the release of 8th edition. It really is a new game and was a big turn around for the new Games Workshop. I think the big problem that most people had with Games Workshop is the high prices, it is the slow release of updates and fixes, the lack of response for help, and just little to no interaction with the community of customers. The new Games Workshop has changed all that. I believe they have really had a turn around and it shows in their numbers as a company.

We have had 12 codexes drop, the Thousand Sons soon, and then three more to be released soon; Necron, Tau, and Drukhari (Dark Eldar). Also many great new models. The start collecting boxes. I think the changes that they have made are major improvements.

Some things never change. Prices, some people are turned off by GW prices. Refer to episode 5 for some tips on this. We still have bulky rules around army specific rule sets. Codex creep is still happened.


As we mentioned before with X-wing this game don’t fit in 100% with our hobby focused audience, but it would be crazy not to talk about it either. There are more hobbling that can go into this or little as well. They have pre-painted lines as well and RPGs in a box.

Back when I did commission painting I was surprised by how many people play and hobby in the D&D arena. I had several commissions that we for D&D and other box RPG games. Some of which I now own like Mice and Mystics.

We want to delve in this area more and possibly give it more covered given it is in the top 5.


Warmachine really fits into the hobby community. We have not dived into the game to give what I’d say would be an honest feedback on what we think about the community overall. The community and game from the outside however looks very promising and healthy. The game looks easy yet involves a lot a strategy. It is a game that Andy and I hope to get a closer look at.

Upcoming games to be released

Warhammer Codexes – Necrons, Tau, Dark Eldar
StartWars Legions
KickStarters –
X-Wing –

Worth mentioning – Shadespire, AoS, Bolt Action

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