Episode 7 – Chaos Daemon Codex Review

In this episode we talk about the new 8th edition Chaos Daemon Codex. We give a brief overview and thoughts on the codex as a whole. This was our first re-recording that we had to do since the Twitch live stream had such bad audio quality. Andy had to miss the re-recording, but I wanted to get this episode out as soon as possible even after the re-record.

Tips and Tricks

Products that Adam Mentioned
Board Game – Pandemic Legacy Season 2

Project Updates

Andy and I both are working on our 40k Budget Army builds. We have started to clean the models. Adam started to strip paint for the #40kbudgetarmy contest.


Chaos Daemons Codex

  • Army Wide Rules
    • Daemonic – Daemons get 5++
    • Khorne – +1 Strength and Attacks for charging or being charged
    • Tzeentch – Add +1 to invulnerable saves
    • Nurgle – 5+ Ignore wound
    • Slannesh – Units fight first
  • Summoning
    • Characters  models only
    • Character model gives up movement for the turn.
    • Up to 3D6, add together and has to be greater than PL of summoned unit.
  • Stratagems
    • 1CP +1 Invulnerable save, but cannot re-roll saves
    • 2CP Bring back unit destroyed by Grey Knights unit.
    • Deepstrike: 1 CP for 8 PL and below, 2 Cp for 9 PL
  • Chaos God Stratagems
    • Khone – 3CP Unit can fight again, 2CP Character can re-roll hit rolls 6″ bubble
    • Nurgle – 2CP Regain D3 wounds or slain model, 2CP re-roll FnP rolls of 1 6″ bubble
    • Tzeentch – 1CP Cast another spell, 2CP 6″ bubble re-roll failed psychic tests
    • Slaanesh – 1CP 3″ bubble -1 A to enemy units, 1CP Icon upgrade 1 use to re-roll hits
  •  Slaanesh Warlord Traits
    •  3″ To M
    •  Reroll fail hit and wound against Char.
    • If warlord charges, add D3 to Attacks until end of ensuing fight phases. (roll D3 after charge)
    • Each time you make a wound roll of 6+ in fight phase. Suffers an additional MW.
    • Add 1 to warlord Attack characteristics.
    • Enemy model -1 attack (min 1) within 6″ of your warlord. Does not affect vehicles.
  • Khorne Warlord Traits
    • Each time an enemy unit fails morale within 8″ of your warlord, that unit loses 1 additional model.
    • Add 1 to warlord Attack characteristics, if there are more enemy models within 8″ of it than friendly models.
    • 6+++ FnP. if you pass the 6+++ FnP, you can reroll all failed hits and wounds until end of your next turn.
    •  +1 warlord Strength
    • Each time ur warlord fights, can make a single attack instead of normal cc attack. Make a single hit roll, if successful, target suffers D3MW.
    • Reroll hits of 1 for friendly Khorne Daemon units that charged this turn and are within 8″ of your Warlord when they fight
  • Tzeentch
    • Add 1 to result of 1st psychic test taken by your warlord.
    • reduce all dmg by 1 (min1 to warlord)
    • reroll failed morale test for friendly tz daemons within 9 of warlord.
    • add 6″ to range of first psychic power casted by warlord
    • roll d6, 2+ ignore perils of warp.
    • Reroll wounds rolls of 1 by tzeentch daemons for shooting phase, within 9″ of warlord.
  • Nurgle
    • +1 Wound
    • Each time warlord lose Wound in fight phase. 4+ , unit that caused that wound to the warlord , suffers a MW.
    • Your opponent must subtract -1 from all hit roll that target warlord if attacking unit within 7″
    • Add 1 to all wound roll made by warlord in the fight phase unless target vehicle.
    •  Warlord got a 4+ save.
    •  Roll a dice for each enemy within 1″ of warlord at start of your turn. On a 4+, that unit suffers a MW
  • Artifacts
    • Every chaos god has at least 1 weapon replacement and some other artifacts that align pretty well with the fluff.
  • Tzeentch – Psychic Powers
    • WC8 – 12″ range hits 3″ adjacent units causing D3 mortal wounds
    • WC5 – 18″ range to add 1 to any wound rolls
  • Nurgle – Psychic Powers
    • WC5 – Regain D3 lost wounds
    • WV6 – 18″ bubble -1 to hits rools for enemy models
  • Slaanesh
    • WC8 – 18″ range, unit can fight as if fight phase if within 1″ enemy model
    • WC6 – 18″ range, roll D6 for each model, Mortal wound for each 6+

I think overall this is a good codex, especially when you look at the fluff side of things. I think that all of the information in the codex might be a bit overwhelming for new players to 40k because it is basically 4 small codexes in one. I think that slaanesh drew the short stick not getting a greater daemon and just some of their abilities don’t seem as good as others.

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