Need miniatures painted? Get a free quote, just send us the following information:

  • What would you like painted?
  • How many of each type?
  • Do you want to purchase the models or send them to us?

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Each model and job is different but I can at least give you some general pricing to give you an idea.

Single 28mm Figures (Characters or leaders, etc)
$20-$70 per Model
Units of 5-12 models (Warhammer 40k etc.)
$30-$100 per Unit
Large Vehicles or Creatures (Tanks, Dreadnought etc)

These prices are here to give you an idea of what you might be looking at as far as an investment for painting your miniatures. There is no guarantee that your project will fit into these ranges because there are other factors that can put you above of bellow these ranges.

I don’t paint in levels. I paint giving as much detail is needed for the specific model. Single models or leader models tend to get more attention than groups but they also tend to have more detail. Also, groups of models incur a time savings when painting them together, which is also reflected in the cost savings.

You can either send me your models or purchase them from me. When I purchase the miniatures for you, in most cases I can give you a 20% discount off the retail pricing.

Once we agree on a price, 50% will be collected to begin the project. At this time I will give you a more accurate estimate to when the work will be completed.

I will take pictures and update you with progress photos. At the end, I will provide you with a gallery link of your project for your approval. Once I have your approval, the other 50% of the project cost will be collected and your models will be packed with care and shipped to your address.

Be sure to check out the FAQ for additional information.